Dismantling Fear by Generating Creative Energy

Fear is the killer. It stalks the underground of our lives, undermining the foundations of everything we build in thought. It is the true Angel of Death – yea, fear comes like evil touch, upon the minds of many. It destroys with ceaseless worries and persistent threats; the inbuilt terror or modern life and the afterglow of reptilian self-protection. We must be rid of it in order to be free. But how? This question has been asked for eons.


God has always played a part in human existence, right from the start; the anchor of belief, the giver of all, the addition of supernatural meaningfulness. For those of faith there exists a powerful anti-venom to poisonous fear – trust. But what of the rest of us, those without theistic belief?

We do have other solutions available though none quite as singularly useful as a faith in the divine.

Some find solace in the pursuits of frontal-cortex learning; philosophy has her fruits, so too science. Psychology has amassed a large discipline of analysis and catharsis – wildly open to interpretation but still helpful to some. Secular mysticism and westernized Buddhism is popular nowadays, offering the forms and benefits of spirituality without any accompanying belief in the divine.

But for me, the biggest relief can be found in creativity and her beautiful offspring.

The creative energy isn’t just available to those who are naturally creative. This is perhaps one of the biggest fallacies of our time. Rather, it is an energy, one that lies dormant in every soul. The question is not how can I be creative but how do I unleash the creative energy?

We live in a modern age where the creativity of musicians and actors are revered above all else. These are of course great creative pursuits but our focus and worship is largely misplaced. I have met teachers, mechanics, parents, counselors, artists, priests, computer programmers, scientists, among many others, who were as creative as the best of our celebrated stars. So while the ‘creative arts’ rightly deserve to be admired, I think we miss the point when we fail to recognize how creativity can operate in all areas of our lives.

by Thomas Phillips, oil on canvas, 1807
by Thomas Phillips, oil on canvas, 1807

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Nico famously said when she first saw Iggy Pop perform, “He’s got the poison”. This is the same as what William Blake pointed to with, “I was walking among the fires of Hell, delighted with the enjoyments of Genius; which to Angels look like torment and insanity.” The poison, the Genius, the torment; these are all faces of the Creative Energy, the burning force that exists in us all.


So the question becomes ‘how can I defeat fear with the Creative Energy?’

First one must live, then one must love, then one must fail, then one must know. And then – with all the simplicity of the infinite – all one must do is leap off the precipice, without safety, deep into the chasm.

Angel of death image source: www.oceansbridge.com

Nico image source: www.oocities.org

Iggy image source: s760.photobucket.com


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