The Horror of Bureaucracy

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It is not enough anymore to be kind, compassionate or conscientious – these qualities are dust in the gears of industry and liquid-labour. All that counts in the modern age is the rigidity and soullessness of human-quantification where bureaucrats see beauty in false commodity. The Marxist nightmare of human-labour as ‘goods’ has come true. Capitalism, the tainting ghost of mechanization, has finally come to full-flower.

As much as one can help it, all bureaucracy should be avoided. Wherever possible it should be shamed out of existence by the persistent and immutable use of human-will and brute-force. Nothing of substance comes from the unblessed and evil hatching of industry’s spawn – yea, through the eye of bureaucracy comes Satan’s unclean touch.

I must confess to a deep loathing of the obsession with pristine order and paper-shuffling fastidiousness. There is inherent in it a fear of chaos, and chaos – we soon discover – is nature’s poetry of free-flowing form. All comes from chaos, all ends in chaos. This is the axiom of life – to be celebrated and embraced, not feared or maligned.


So when I again found need to visit a government department of ill-repute, I steeled myself for what, I was sure, would be an exercise in futility and torment. I was not let down in my expectations. True horror is the desperate hum of bureaucratic offices where people work like insects in the hollow shell of evil’s husky form.

There are now computers where there once was paper-filing, though it seems to make no difference to the success of their enterprise or work-load. People come in, people sit down, words are spoken, heads nod in slow sad acceptance of things said, fingers type morosely but nothing really happens.


If there is a hell, I am convinced that it must resemble an interior like this. To spend eternity in the bosom of bureaucracy – there is no fate worse and none that are deserving of it.

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