Reclusive picks: Lustmord – Zoetrope


I have a long standing and thoroughly enjoyable tradition of listening to soundtracks while I work. There is something soothing about music made for film – perhaps it’s the lack of obvious adherence to traditional song-forms, or the feeling of space created by the absence of words.

There is of course more dross than gold – the same as any genre – so one requires a certain persistent dedication to musically and mentally survive between each new find.

Music devotees spend their lives waiting for the next peak, some newly discovered form that bursts through the dimensions, reaches in and reconfigures the spirit. Mostly one waits, then waits some more, then waits again. But sometimes, so rarely and all of a sudden, the celestial forces align, magnify and release their blazing power into the ether, creating some new and mesmerizing music-life-force so emboldened with divine majesty and ancient-lore that it can destroy all else before it and redefine the internal order of the heavens.

pinakas alchemy

Music like alchemy has the power to transform poorer base-metals in Noble-Gold.

I have an intimate, and semi-professional, relationship with ambient music and, in particular, dark ambient. The best exaples of this genre seeth and hum, clang and resound. O, my soul exists in these dark places!

I was introduced to Lustmord many years ago, while dating a librarian. Her outward appearance, so mainstream and unassuming, was a shell beneath which lived the darkest of souls. While I don’t remember what release I heard first, I do distinctly remember when I first heard ‘Zoetrope’, the soundtrack he made for a psychological horror film of the same name.


If you can imagine the sound of arctic winds blowing through a series of underground caves filled with the moaning and shuffling of amorphous creatures and the distant dripping of cave-water then you can imagine what this album sounds like. If you can picture darkness giving birth to deeper darkness amidst the illuminating glow of pulsing stalactites then you’re getting an idea of how fuckin’ great this album is.

alchemy image source:

stalactites image source:


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